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NOTE :- Vishwakarma new technique machines are designed and fabricated to product, specially for more production. When order is given it supplies in time.


M/s Vishwakarma Industries is not only a renowned named in the manufacturing field of Ash Bricks Plants, floor mill plant & rice mill plant, but also the sign of faith.

The manufactured machineries and their all parts are passed and supplied through the high quality, control and protection system. As well as we provide the fast service, requirement and replacement of the parts after sales.

The bearing, which apply in the machine of cast iron, carbon steel soft and including of ISI mark is having high capacity and quality, therefore our machines work for a long time with free of depreciation.

The plant, which is supplying by us is having all kind of facilities including all machines with latest technologies don't require any other machine facilities to our customers.

We are going through the latest technologies with continuous implementation with the help of our engineers therefore we do the repairing work according to the appropriate time.

Utility : It is accepted the quality of food grain in the modern age of consumers. In this reference the rice is mostly consumed in India and export in foreign countries. Every consumer's want to purchase neat and clean, nutritious, sweet and sainted fine rice from shops.

The rice industries need always-new modern and good rice purifying machines. In this regards always New Shri Vishwakarma Engineering Works, Katghora, Dist. Korba (C.G.) is high Quality and Modern rice mill plant manufacturer and suppliers since many year successfully. 

Working Procedure : Paddy have to pass through following machines -

Restore paddy have to pass through paddy cleaner the paddy cleaner removes all the impurities and place it in the Rubber Sheller to peel the paddy. Then those are cleaned in modern separator and then Agro Cone Polisher polishes it, then those are dropped in Round Chalna (Sceern) to get without broken high quality, nutritious, pure super fine rice. 

Visshwakarma New Model Paddy Cleaner machine is very popular which is used to clean the paddy completely.
This machine has got three steps whose working condition is given below :-

  1. There are two layers, screening chalna are fitted on the top of paddy cleaner machine where first layer screen (chalna) removes light paddy (badra), straw and sand etc. when paddy come in second layer chalana all the paddy are cleaned from small sand and dust etc.

  1. From two layer screen (chalna) paddy go to fan box (petty pankha) which removes and through the light paddy (badra), small particle of sand and dust etc. away from factory through badra pankha.

  2. There is paddy cleaner under fan box (Petty Pankha) where paddy comes from fan box to direct paddy Cleaner Machine. The Paddy Cleaner cleans all the small particle of sand and mud (Equal size of the paddy) and it gives pure cleaned paddy.

Vishwakarma Rubber Sheller is very famous and popular. Our machines are installed in wide range is so many places.
The working method are given as below:-
  1. To remove the husk of paddy.
  2. Husk are blown out through air pipe 25' to 30' away from the rice mill.
  3. The paddy husk of the removing parts are made of iron body.
  4. The paddy husk removing parts are made of iron angles and steel sheet. All parts of machine can be easily opened or dismantle. If any parts of this machine is damaged are broken due to paddy bombing or heating can be easily repaired or replaced.

This Separator Machine is made with new technique and high technology. After the removing the husk of paddy through F2 10" Rubber Sheller, some 15% to 25% paddy are left in the hoper are separated by Rubber Sheller. This machine is designed as per capacity of plant. This machine is designed for mini plant owners which can be install in small and big places (as per the size of machine). This machine is not only useful for mini plant but useful for big plants too. In this machine 2 H.P. motor is fitted.


Vishwakarma Agro Cone Polisher is made of cast Iron heavy-duty machine. It's work to polish the rice only. While running there should not be any vibration that why it is made, heavy-duty machine. Due to its heaviness the breaking of rice are very less. Its all the parts are made of cast iron with casted in the shape of conical type and the mixture of emery is coated on its parts. In this way it is given in the shape of stone. The shaft fitted with strong bearing box and the stone is moved, which is covered with net of wooden frame where three rubbers are fitted in it. The rice are polished by adjusting friction and rubber. 

Round Chalna (Screen) is made with modern technique for Mini Plant and Big Plant too which is very useful to screen or to riddle, to improve the quality of rice. The rice, which comes from polisher, shifted in clalna. In this way the broken rice are separated from rice. Through this chalna we separate four types. On the top of this machine one heavy-duty blower (finish fan) is fitted. It is connected with three boxes with one pipe. After passing in Round chalna, Rice, Khanda (half of the rice) and fragment (small piece of rice, or kanki) go in separate-separate boxes and the husk shift though the blower away any where in the factory.